Wellness Testing

Marietta Animal Hospital is proud to offer wellness testing for both canines and felines to identify many diseases and conditions early, when treatment and prevention are most effective. Our goal is to help your pet be a happier and healthier family member. Early detection can help in disease prevention and can minimize suffering. The health of your pet can change rapidly as he or she ages and changes can tend to go unnoticed or be attributed to aging or “slowing down”. Many conditions can have a “subclinical” stage, where changes are occurring internally, but your pet still looks and acts normally. This is the best time to identify and manage these conditions.

     Wellness testing may include radiographs, urinalysis, and bloodwork to evaluate liver and kidney function, red blood cell/white blood cell counts, protein and electrolyte levels, blood glucose/cholesterol levels, and thyroid function depending on your pets health and age. Additional test may be advised if any abnormalities are detected. The blood and urine samples may be sent to an outside lab and results are received within several days. Our doctor will contact you to discuss these results and any recommendations for treatment if needed or any follow-up afterwards. If your pet is currently ill, we have an in-hospital laboratory that provides more rapid results (usually within 30-60 minutes). Our in-house services include fecal flotation for intestinal parasite check, SNAP heartworm/lyme/erhichia test, Parvo test, Feline heartworm check, CBC (complete blood count), Idexx chemistry and electrolytes and urinalysis. We also offer digital radiology so you may view the films in the hospital or we can download them onto a cd for consults with a specialist, if necessary.

     For patients on long-term medications, such as thyroid supplements, heart medications, arthritis medications and seizure medications, wellness testing also provides a way to monitor the long term effects of these drugs on your pets overall health and allows us to make adjustments as needed.

     In younger animals, wellness testing not only identifies early disease conditions, but also establishes a baseline for what is normal in your pet. This can be very helpful as your pet ages and changes occur. We can adjust diagnostics for your pets individual needs.

    We will be happy to discuss these options with you at any time and we will routinely offer these services at your pets yearly evaluation.

     We also recommend twice yearly physical examinations, since pets age faster than people, and changes may occur rapidly. By evaluating your pet every six months, we may notice subtle changes such as weight loss, heart murmurs, enlarged Lymph nodes or abdominal masses, which could be easily missed at home. By identifying problems early, we improve our chances of a favorable outcome. At your pets six month physical exam, we will also preform a routine fecal check for intestinal parasites. Since intestinal parasites can harm both your pet’s health, as well as the rest of your family, routine fecal checks and regular parasite prevention are an important part of your pets, overall, good health.