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Marietta Animal Hospital is aware of the vast amount of information available on the internet. Our team has taken time to evaluate the following sites.  We trust the information the listed websites provide for you, our client and members of our family.











  • Veterinary Associations
    • American Animal Hospital Association
    • American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
    • American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
    • American Veterinary Medical Association
        • Under AVMA resources/RSS Feeds
        • Animal Tracks – weekly podcast for pet owners
        • Chew on This – podcast series focusing on food safety
        • Keep Our Food Safe
      • Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges




  • Store –
    • This store is only for active patients of Marietta Animal Hospital who have been seen by our veterinarians and staff within the last 12 months. If you are not a current patient or your pet has not had a recent exam, we will not be able to process your request.


Please schedule an appointment so we may evaluate your pet’s physical condition and determine what products will be best for their individual needs.


If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact us at (904) 783-2574 and we will be happy to assist you.