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Marietta Animal Hospital

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Dr. Rene Cinque and our team are committed to raising the standard level of veterinary medical care for the pets in our communtiy and providing a greater range of options for medical treatment, so your family member can receive the same quality of care that we provide for our own.  Marietta Animal Hospital is a full-service Animal Hospital whose mission is to provide a compassionate, informative, and supportive service for our clients that will enable them to make sound educated choices about their pet's health care. Marietta Animal Hospital has an excellent working relationship with local veterinary specialist for orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, opthalmology and dermatology for pets that require more intensive and specialized services beyond standard medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care. Our in-house pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology facilities allow our team to diagnose and treat your pet's condition in a timely fashion, so they can jump back into their normal lives and  we can often identify and manage many diseases before they start to impact your pet's health and well being.  We want every pet to have the opportunity of a happy and healthy life with their family.

A Quarterly Report - January 2016

For All My Dedicated Minions and Admirers,

I am so pleased to see that you have survived another season of overindulgence, family dynamics and Christmas overload. I love the pretty lights and decorations and watching my parents try to surprise each other (they're sooo cute !) and seeing friends and family, but I am ready to start the new year. It's time to shrug away all your bad feelings and disappointments, forget any missed opportunities, and move away from all the negative vibes that wear us down each day. Forgive the little things, because they won't affect the big picture. Forgive the people, who make you crazy, cuz they can't help it, because that is who they are and it, probably, won't ever change. Let's face it, if I can manage to suffer through life with my stupid little sister, then you can, too. The hard part is forgiving the people who don't deserve it, but it is also the most important, because it only hurts you, cuz the bad stuff swirls around in your brain and heart and can make you sad and tired. They either don't care or don't get it and that is just they way it is, so let go of the bad feelings and focus on taking care of yourself. You will feel much better, I promise. . . Of course, you should probably try to stay away from those people, so they don't keep messing with your good vibes. You could always hide their toys or lick their desert when they are not looking, but you will probably get in trouble, so don't tell my Dad. He is pretty strict about doing the 'right thing', and all that. So, we don't tell him about the sneaky and devious stuff, Kay?

Anyway, I think we need focus on moving forward and getting the world all straightened out. . . which starts with each of us. . or really, you, since I am already doing my part on a daily basis. You guys need to kick it in gear and get on board and catch up to my never-ending, all-enduring, awe-inspiring, completely selfless, daily self-sacrificing work to bring love and joy to those around me. I am as cute as cute can be and I can certainly light up a room with my smile and a wag of my tail, and who wouldn't be inspired by my Handi-Capable status. And for those that I deem worthy, I may sneak a little kiss or even sing for you. So I need everyone to follow my lead. . . expect for when I bite Penelope's toes, no one is supposed to see that, or when I steal her whoobies, no one is supposed to see that either. You know what I'm saying. So do something nice for someone else, every day, and start to change the world, one smile at a time.

Now it is time for some basic stuff, so we can get all our humans and pets all started off on the right foot. Part of making our lives better includes being healthy, avoiding problems and preventing bad stuff whenever possible, so I got some healthy tips for you:

  1. Pet Proof your home, cuz we will eat anything, even if it is poisonous or if it gets stuck in our intestines and you have to pay for the surgery to remove it.

  2. Socialize your pet so we know how to behave in public and don't freak out and hurt you or some else by accident.

  3. Microchip your pet AND register it, cuz it doesn't work if they don't know who the scraggly, muddy kid belongs to after they find it and scan for a chip.

  4. Groom and bathe you pet on a regular basis with a pesticide free and SOAP-FREE shampoo, because we all like to feel good, and dry skin and matted coats can lead to skin infections and stuff.

  5. Have your pet spayed or neutered, cuz unwanted pets are euthanized EVERY DAY due to pet over-population and it can reduce some health risks like breast cancer.

  6. Use Flea and Tick and Heartworm Preventives. . .well, that is sort of self-explanatory. Avoid the bugs that make them sick.

  7. Use a good quality diet and avoid people food.  Some people food is dangerous and lots of it can make us sick and some specialty diets are more flash than substance, so check with your vet.

  8. Exercise with your pet. It is good for both of you and that does include chasing the cat . . .LOL!

  9. Get a yearly exam because you can't see a heart murmur or an abdominal mass, but your doctor can find these things before it is too late to do anything about it.

     Sloppy Wet Kisses,


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